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Property investment
for non-residents

Our team of lawyers and financial advisors will help you from start to finish, taking you through all steps you need to invest in real estate in Spain.

  • We help you find the property that fits your investment needs.
  • We will advise you on the best way to make your investment, taking into account the costs and what the purpose of the investment is.
  • Our team of lawyers will verify the operation is legal at every stage
  • We will manage the deeds, paying taxes, organizing a notary and registering the property.
  • We will process your NIE application (for the Foreigner ID card), open bank accounts and transfer funds from abroad.
  • We can get a mortgage for up to 70% of the purchase price.
  • We can handle the application process for a Golden Visa and other residence permits.
  • We manage Golden Visa application.

At Plenim we make investing in Spain simple,
safe and hassle-free

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Número 1 - Inversión inmobiliaria en España

Real estate investment in Spain is a smart investment

At Plenim we make investing in Spain simple,
safe and hassle-free.

Gráfica mercado inmobiliario

The Spanish property market is on the rise after a spectacular fall at the beginning of the global financial crisis, which resulted in the property bubble bursting.

As a result of so many real estate properties in the hands of banks, prices are still much lower than they were at the beginning of the financial crisis. Little by little, prices are rising as the economy in Spain recovers.

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It is a good time to buy in this new economic cycle, as the Spanish property market is in the early stages of recovery after an 8-year depression. Another important factor is that the crisis cleaned up the real estate sector, improving the level of professionalism and the quality of new builds, which are starting up again.

In relation to other countries inside and outside Europe, Spain is a good country to invest in, thanks to its stable government, growing economy and level of public safety.

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Número 2 - España, un lugar bajo el sol

Spain, a place in the sun

According to the latest reports by specialists in the real estate sector, Spain is going through the best time to make real estate investments.

The current low buying prices and the high potential for prices to rise given the tremendous fall in prices during the financial crisis make this the ideal time for you to make the purchase you have been dreaming about.

In addition, the demand for rental housing is very high, which makes rents increasingly expensive. Rental investments certainly have the potential to be profitable, as they can pay the mortgage installments you are required to pay.

Interest rates are at historic lows and banks are now clear to finance non-residents, so you can buy the house you want for retirement.

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Número 3 - Golden visa

Golden visa

Spanish law grants residence permits to non-EU investors who meet a series of requirements. The resulting permit is known as the Golden Visa.

The visa allows the investor the opportunity to enter Europe and travel throughout the Schengen area freely, without having to apply for a further visa for a period of up to five years.
With this visa, the investor can travel to and from Spain as many times as necessary, without having to reside in the country and without having to pay taxes.

This visa extends to the investor's entire direct family. It also allows the visa holder to work in Spain. The minimum investment is 500,000 euros, and the rest of the investment can be funded by a Spanish bank or financial institution.

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